Process: Hand finishing

Once the frame is brazed and aligned the final job before we send it for paint is to clean and smooth out all of the fillets, plus clean the bosses and braze ons. This is a time consuming part of the build but it does ensure a beautiful frameset with seamless joints. We use t he following procedure to clean the fillets:

  • The joint is ‘roughed up’ using a round file. This gets the shape of the fillet even and removes and high or low spots.
  • We then use emery cloth on the back of an old file to start to blend the fillet.
  • Next we use strips of emery cloth in a ‘shoe shine’ action to further blend the join.
  • Small needle files are used on braze-ons and fork crown lugs to gently file the hard to reach areas.
  • Finally we use a buffing wheel to give the fillet a glossy shine, which helps to show up any areas that need more work.

Other processes


Headtube & BB Prep


Braze-ons and seat tube slotting

Fillet Brazing


Hand finishing