Process: Design

The design is the starting point for any one of our bikes and the design process is of equal importance to the build itself.

Tubesets are recommended based on performance and intended use. Often we will push you towards a cheaper tube set if we feel a more expensive option is unnecessary. Tube diameters and wall thicknesses are carefully selected to balance stiffness, strength and weight. We may also incorporate subtle ovalising and swaging (tapering) of tubes to further achieve a desired ride characteristic. For custom bikes we build with various headtube and BB standards, these will be recommended to you based on performance, not fashion.

We believe strongly in a product being multifunctional and our production models are a representation of this, we will always encourage you to consider rack or mudguard mounts, you might rarely use them, but give yourself that option of touring or even just shopping on your bike. At their core our designs are inspired by function and utility, resulting in a fantastic riding and time enduring bicycle.

Other processes


Headtube & BB Prep


Braze-ons and seat tube slotting

Fillet Brazing


Hand finishing