Process: Alignment

Alignment is carried out three separate times during the build process to ensure that the finished product is straight and symmetrical. The idea is that the wheels need to be in line with one another and in turn the wheels need to be in line with the seat tube and the head tube. We do the alignment checks on an ex MOD cast iron alignment table, which is a perfectly flat surface that we can reference every point of the frame against. Mark machined a bottom bracket pillar, which is bolted into the table and ensures the frame is held parallel to the surface.

The frame is aligned at the following three stages and all readings are recorded on a card that stays with the frame:

  • Alignment 1: Mainframe and chainstays only.
  • Alignment 2: Full frame minus seat stay and chainstay bridges.
  • Alignment 3: Completed frame including bridges.

Other processes


Headtube & BB Prep


Braze-ons and seat tube slotting

Fillet Brazing


Hand finishing